Section 9 - Timekeepers & Observers
9.01. Every Official Timekeeper and other Official Observer engaged on a record attempt shall record and report:-
(i) The type, colour, make (if possible) and registration mark of the vehicle(s) in which he travelled.
(ii) The times and approximate locations during which he followed  and observed the record aspirants under the provisions of Rule 10.04.
(iii) The time and approximate locations during which the record aspirants were not observed by this official concerned, and the reasons for this.
(iv) While following or passing, the times and approximate locations of each passing of the record aspirants under the provisions of Rules 10.05 to 10.07, together with the registration mark of the vehicle concerned.
(v) The type, colour, make (if possible) and registration mark of all vehicles connected with and used on the attempt which did not carry Official Observers.

Official Timekeepers.
9.02. An Official Timekeeper shall use:

(a) An electronic timer with a quartz-crystal controlled oscillator, split timing facilities to decimal parts of a second, a digital display with a height of not less than 4mm for seconds, minutes and, where applicable, hours (in the case of multiple displays at least one shall meet this requirement) and an initial battery life when in full display, of not less than 100 hours. It shall have obtained a certificate of performance issued by a UKAS accredited laboratory of calibration showing that the timer is within the limits laid down by the Committee*.

(b)  An Official Timekeeper shall also carry and use a reserve watch or quartz crystal controlled electronic timer, not necessarily certified, but checked in accordance with Rule 11.02. A radio controlled clock, in conjunction with an approved electronic stopwatch or timer may also be used.

*The RRA Committee require that watches and timers must have been tested over a period of at least 100 hours, with certification of accuracy of no more than +/- 2 seconds error in any 24 hour period.

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