8.01. The organisation of a record attempt is the sole responsibility of record aspirants or their agent. Prior to an attempt on a record, the Association must be in receipt of a signed copy of the latest version of the Declaration and Disclaimer form for the aspirant(s) named on the Notice.  This form is available from the Records Secretary or from the RRA website.

Details of Notice of Attempt.

8.02 Notice of an attempt (a “Notice”) to improve an existing record or minimum standard must be sent to the Records Secretary, and must clearly feature the following information:
• Name of Record(s) being considered (eg. London to York)
• Type of machine being used
(ie bicycle or tricycle, single or tandem)
• Name and gender of each rider
• Club or Team for each rider, if affiliated to the RRA.
• Name, address and telephone number of a contact point for information concerning the attempt.
• Time of Start.
• First possible start date. (see below)
• Whether the Notice is Active or Postponed.  (see below)
• Attempt Number(s)   (if known, see below)
• Aspirants whose gender is different from the sex assigned at birth are not permitted to submit a Notice of Attempt in the Female/Women category. 

The first possible start date must be at least seven clear days after receipt of the Notice, with a clear day being a 24 hour period from midnight to midnight.

If it is the positive intention to start the attempt on the first possible day, then the Notice should be declared to be Active.  If a date has not been decided, then the Notice should be declared to be Postponed. 

Prior to submitting a Notice, aspirants should contact the Records Secretary to obtain Attempt Number(s) which will then appear on the Notice.  If this is not done, then space must be left on the Notice for the number to be added.

The aspirant or their agent must ensure that notices and schedules have been received and accepted by the Records Secretary.

If two or more Active notices will use any of the same roads on the same day, the Records Secretary shall have the power to specify alternative start times, to ensure that any risk of paced riding is minimised.

All notices shall become null and void at the end of the calendar year.

Route to be followed
8.03. Every Notice must be accompanied by a schedule, which shall state precisely the course to be followed, and the anticipated time of arrival at places on the route. Where more ways than one exist which might be taken between two named places, the schedule must indicate the one intended to be followed, and whenever possible the route proposed should be the one used when the attempt is made. 
Schedules for Circuit Records should also indicate where each of the required Control Points are passed. Schedules will be sent by the Records Secretary to the holder or holders of the existing record, and to such other persons as he in his discretion considers interested.

Notice for combined attempts.
8.04. Notice may be given for more than one record to be attempted in one ride.

Active Notices.
8.05. A rider may not have more than one Active Notice for a given start date, unless the Records Secretary agrees that it is both possible and reasonable for the rider(s) to start and finish each attempt.

Notice of reversal of straightaway course.
8.06 When notice is given of an attempt, the rider may also (without any additional fee) give a separate notice for use of the course in reverse.  The time of start may be altered for use of the reverse course, and the actual route may be varied. The requirements of Rule 8.03 also apply to the reverse schedule. 
In the case of reversing a combined attempt (see Rule 8.04), the rider must nominate the Principal Record being attempted.  It is the reversal of the route for this record which defines the start point for the reverse schedule.  The other records being attempted can then be re-routed with reference to this alternative starting point.

Conditional Use of Reversed Course.
8.07. A rider who has submitted a reverse Notice & Schedule for a straightaway record must specify the direction of his proposed ride at the point of informing the Record Secretary of a start date.

Standard Time.
8.08 Greenwich Mean Time, British Standard Time or British Summer Time, whichever is in operation, shall in all cases be taken as the standard by all riders, observers, timekeepers, checkers and other witnesses

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