Section 7 - Courses
Free choice of locality
7.01. Attempts on the twenty-five miles, fifty miles, hundred miles, twelve hours, twenty-four hours and thousand miles records may be made in any part of Great Britain provided that easily distinguishable landmarks shall be chosen for the starting, turning and finishing points.

Course not to include frequent repetitions.
7.02. On attempts at 25, 50 and 100 miles, a rider shall not cover any section of road more than twice.  On attempts at 12 hours a rider may cover the same section of road up to four times.  On attempts at 24 hours and 1000 miles a rider may cover the same section of road up to eight times.
For the purposes of this rule, road junctions and traffic islands shall be disregarded and the interval before any section of road can be used in the same direction again must not be less than 10 miles.  The Committee may accept additional uses of a section of road due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the rider(s) or officials.

Evidence of Distance
7.03. The Committee will require evidence of distance of the course followed.


Terminal or Turning Points
7.04. LONDON
The east end of Knightsbridge at Hyde Park Corner for records between London and Land's End.  Record attempts should finish at the white stop line directly opposite the ‘KNIGHTSBRIDGE SW1’ road sign at the first set of traffic lights. Record attempts should start in the entrance to Lanesborough Place, then onto Knightsbridge heading west.

LAND'S END   Opposite the South Door of the Land's End Hotel
JOHN o'GROATS   At the drain grating on the front left hand edge of the mini roundabout before the John o' Groats Hotel. (The end of the A99 extension road)
(Note: This termination point has had to be changed as it is no longer possible to ride to the old finish line by the main door. This point was chosen as the safest point for the rider/s)
YORK  The centre of the Museum Garden gates, Museum Street, York
EDINBURGH  Opposite the north-west corner of the former General Post Office at North Bridge.
LIVERPOOL  Opposite the centre of the entrance to Liverpool Museum in Byrom Street.
BATH   The South Eastern corner of the Church of St. Michael with St. Paul in Walcot Street.
BRIGHTON   The unilateral roundabout at the Aquarium site.
PORTSMOUTH  Opposite the main gates to HMS Nelson in Queen Street.
PEMBROKE   Opposite the War Memorial at Pembroke Castle
CARDIFF  Opposite the centre of the main door of the National Museum of Wales.
BIRMINGHAM In Bridge Street at the North-West corner of Birmingham Registry Office adjacent to the “Bridge Street” nameplate affixed to the low wall at the top or higher end of the taxi rank markings on the road, and almost directly opposite the main doors of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
GREAT YARMOUTH  Opposite the centre of the entrance to Britannia Pier.

7.05. In the case of the eleven one-way place-to-place records, either Terminal Point may be used as the starting or finishing point, and the attempt undertaken in either direction.
7.06. For the three 'out and home' place-to-place records (eg London to Bath and back) a start can be made at any easily identifiable point on the route, providing that the record aspirant visits each Terminal Point and finishes at his selected start point.

7.07 The start may be made at any easily identifiable point on the circuit, provided that the record aspirant finishes at his selected start point. 

Record aspirants must visit each Control Point listed for their circuit.

A list of Standard Times can be found on page 137
Bodmin Moor Circuit, approx. 135 Miles
CP1  PASS Wadebridge East RAB (A39/A389)
CP2  CROSS River Tavy Bridge, Tavistock (A386)
CP3  PASS Bideford North RAB (A386/A39) 

Brecon Beacons National Park Circuit, approx. 104 Miles
CP1  PASS Llandovery Castle Hotel (A40)           
CP2  PASS Neath RAB (A474/A4230)            
CP3  CROSS Canal Bridge, Gilwern (A4077)         
(CP3 CROSS Church Road canal bridge)
Alternative checkpoint during A465 roadworks

Cairngorms National Park Circuit, approx. 214 Miles
CP1  CROSS Dunkeld Bridge (A923)  
CP2  CROSS Bridge of Dee, Banchory (B974) 
CP3  CROSS River Spey nr Grantown (A95) 
CP4  PASS Drumochter Summit (A9)  

Northumberland National Park Circuit. 170 Miles:
CP1  PASS Langholm High Street (A7)             
CP2  CROSS Chollerford Bridge (B6318)
CP3  CROSS Rothbury Bridge (B6342)  
CP4  CROSS Coldstream Bridge (A697)            
CP5  PASS junction just south of Selkirk (A7/A699) 

North Coast 500 Circuit, approx. 516 Miles
CP1  Edge of private road south of statue.
Green dot on map
CP2  CROSS Muir of Ord railway bridge   
CP3  ENCIRCLE the roundabout by the John O’Groats Last House
CP4  PASS THROUGH Durness village on the A838
CP5  PASS Clashnessie Beach on the B869   
CP6  PASS THROUGH Laide on the A832  
CP7  PASS THROUGH the Hamlet of Fearnmore
CP8  PASS THROUGH the Hamlet of Applecross
CP9  CROSS Muir of Ord railway bridge   

Yorkshire Dales Circuit, approx. 143 Miles:

CP1  PASS Harrogate NW RAB (A59/B6161) 
CP2  PASS Scotch Corner RAB (A6108/A66) 
CP3  PASS Church Brough (A685) 
CP4  PASS Casterton, nr Kirkby Lonsdale (A683)

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