Section 6 - Records & Fees

6.01. The following records, listed in Fee Groups, are recognised by the Association:




  Twenty Five Miles
  Fifty Miles
  Hundred Miles


  London to Brighton and back
  London to Portsmouth and back
  London to Bath and back
  London to Birmingham
  London to Cardiff
  London to York
  York to Edinburgh
  London to Liverpool
  Liverpool to Edinburgh 



  Bodmin Moor Circuit

  Brecon Beacons National Park Circuit

  Cairngorms National Park Circuit

  Northumberland National Park Circuit

  North Coast 500 Circuit

  Yorkshire Dales National Park Circuit


  London to Pembroke
  Land's End to London
  Pembroke to Great Yarmouth
  London to Edinburgh
  Twelve Hours
  Twenty-four Hours


  Land's End to John o' Groats
  Thousand Miles

On bicycle, tricycle, tandem bicycle and tandem tricycle by (i) male and (ii) female cyclists, and on tandem bicycle and tandem tricycle when jointly crewed by male and female cyclists.

For Records not yet established the minimum standard times must be beaten.

Additional Advice.
Please note that the Record Secretary would appreciate advance notification of any Notice of Attempt being prepared, as this allows the appropriate mailing lists to be produced. The Records Secretary can often supply specimen schedules etc upon request.
6.02. Every notice must be accompanied by a fee.  The fees below are for members of the Association (Life or Private Members, and members of affiliated Clubs).  Non-members must pay an additional fee of £10 per rider.

Fee Group

Standard Fee for Single    machines, giving at least

14 clear days’ notice of    attempt.









For Notices listing more than one record, the Fee Group to be used is that for the longest ride.
If any of the following circumstances apply, a supplementary fee is payable (note that more than one such fee may apply):

• For aspirants giving less than 14 clear days’ notice (but at least 7 clear days as required by Rule 8.02), an extra charge equal to 20% of the Standard Fee must be paid.

• For tandem attempts, an extra charge equal to 20% of the Standard Fee must be paid.

Additional Advice.
In particular for the longer Record Attempts (eg End to End and 1000 miles), the Record Secretary would appreciate Organisers supplying the Notice of Attempt at least 14 days before the ride is expected to take place. Notices giving the minimum of 7 days often result in a lot of pressure on the Records Secretary, which should be avoided if possible.

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