Section 4 - Committee

Election of Committee
4.01. At the Annual General Meeting elections will take place for the Committee, consisting of the President (ex officio), Chairman, General Secretary, Records Secretary, Treasurer and up to 10 members of whom not less than 2 shall be Private Members who are not also delegates of clubs.
All Officers and Committee members act in an honorary capacity.

4.02. The quorum for a Committee Meeting shall always be at least 50% of the Committee.

Committee Meetings
4.03. The Committee shall meet as required in any one year. Any member of the Committee absent from three consecutive meetings shall cease to be a member if the Committee so decide.
4.03a At any Committee Meeting of the Association the Chairman, if present, shall conduct the meeting. If the Chairman is not present the meeting shall elect one of their members to Chair the meeting.
The chairman may take part in any vote. In the event of a tie when a vote is taken, the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

Power to do Business
4.04. The Committee shall have power to transact all the business of the Association in accordance with the Rules of the Association.

Power to Fill Vacancies
4.05. The Committee shall have power to fill any vacancies among the officers or other members of the Committee.

4.06. The proceedings of the Committee shall be confidential, except matters passed for publication.

Legal Proceedings
4.07. The General Secretary shall be empowered to take legal proceedings on behalf of the Association, if so directed by the Committee.

No voting by record claimant
4.08. A member of the Committee claiming a record shall retire from the room while the claim is under consideration.  The claimant may not vote subsequently on any matter directly connected with the claim.

Withdrawal of Best on Record performances
4.09. The Committee have the power to withdraw the best on record performance recorded by any person/s if any of the following becomes known to the Committee after they have adjudicated on a claim to record:
(i)    a false declaration was made
(ii)  the person is suspended or otherwise penalised by any sporting body for drug abuse



The General Secretary shall conduct the administrative affairs of the Association in accordance with the instructions and support of the Committee. He shall keep the Records Secretary informed of his actions.


The Records Secretary shall attend to all matters concerning pending and current Record Attempts and those awaiting confirmation,

It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to have charge and keep a proper account of the Association's funds, to collect subscriptions when due, and produce a list of any overdue subscriptions at Committee meetings.  He shall make such payments from the Association's funds as are necessary, which must in all cases be approved by the Committee.  He shall submit an Annual Statement at the Annual General Meeting, which must be audited by the Auditor, as to the financial position of the Association.

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