Section 3 - General Meetings
Persons entitled to attend and vote
3.01. At any General Meeting of the Association the President and past Presidents, Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Records Secretary, and Treasurer of the Association, Delegates of Affiliated Clubs, and Private Members, shall be entitled to attend and vote.  No proxy voting shall be allowed, nor shall any person entitled to attend the meeting in more than one capacity be entitled to more than one vote.
Chairman and Casting Vote
3.02 At any General Meeting of the Association the Chairman, if present, shall conduct the meeting.
If the Chairman is not present the meeting shall elect one of their members to Chair the meeting.

3.02a The Chairman may take part in any vote. In the event of a tie when a vote is taken, the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

3.03. At any General Meeting the quorum shall be ten.

3.04. Affiliated clubs may appoint two delegates who may attend any General Meeting provided that the subscription from the club has been paid.  Private Members whose subscriptions are paid may attend any General Meeting.

Date of holding
3.05. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held before March 31st in any year.

Notice required
3.06. At least eight weeks’ notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given to all Members of the Association.

Notice of motion
3.07. Any Member Club or Private Member wishing to put forward any matter at the Annual General Meeting shall send the motion to the General Secretary at least five weeks before the meeting. Motions shall be placed on the Agenda in the name of the Club or Member. If the proposer of the motion is absent from the meeting, any delegate or other Member, as appropriate, may deputise with the approval of the meeting
The Committee may place any matter on the Agenda of the Annual Meeting.

Agenda for the Annual Meeting
3.08. At least 10 days before the Annual General Meeting the General Secretary shall send to each Private Member one copy and to each Secretary of an affiliated club one copy of an Annual Report and Financial Statement and an Agenda paper of the matters to be brought forward. 

Matters not on the Agenda
3.09. Any matter not on the Agenda paper may be brought forward without notice provided that it does not involve alterations of the Rules of the Association, and subject to the consent of the Chairman, and two-thirds of those present and voting.

Notice required
3.10. At least fourteen days notice shall be given of a Special General Meeting.

By order of Committee
3.11. A Special General Meeting may be called at any time by the order of the Committee.

By requisition
3.12. A Special General Meeting shall be called at any time by the General Secretary on a requisition signed by twenty-five percent of the delegates of Affiliated Clubs and the Private Members shown in the current handbook, taken conjointly.  The requisition shall set out the motion to be proposed, which shall not be a matter voted upon at any General Meeting within the previous twelve months.

Rights of appeal to a Special General Meeting
3.13. A Special General Meeting shall be called by the General Secretary forthwith on request for the hearing of an appeal against a decision of the Committee by an Affiliated Club, Private Member or Official of the Association, or the claimant to a record, or the holder of a record, provided the request is made within twenty-one days of the receipt of the communication in writing conveying such decision, and provided also that the request shall be accompanied by the payment of a hearing fee of £50.  The delegates attending any such Special General Meeting may order the return of the fee in whole or in part taking into account the whole of the circumstances of the case.

Voting Rights at an appeals meeting
3.14. At a Special General Meeting during the hearing of an appeal a witness who is not entitled to attend and vote (in accordance with Rule 3.01) may attend for examination only but any one entitled to attend and vote shall not, by giving evidence as a witness, forfeit the right to vote.  A claimant or a holder of a record concerning which an appeal is made may address the meeting, but must not move or second any resolution dealing with the record, or vote upon such a resolution.

Limitation of Business at a Special General Meeting
3.15. At a Special General Meeting no matter shall be brought forward other than that stated on the notice calling the meeting.

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