Section 2 - Subscriptions
2.01 The annual subscription for an affiliated club shall be £14, and that for a Private Member shall be £10. These rates shall be applicable for the 2005 calendar year onwards.  All annual subscriptions are payable on or before the first day of March for the calendar year.  At any time before 1st May in any year any Club or Private Member may commute their respective subscriptions for a period of five years by payment of an amount equal to four times the annual subscription rate then applicable.  
Any member elected after 1st October in any year shall not be liable for annual subscription for the following year.

2.02. Every Club Secretary and every Private Member whose subscription is paid shall be entitled to receive free of charge a copy of the Association's Handbook and all appropriate official notices.

Life Members

2.03. On completion of five or more years’ membership a Private Member may become a Life Member, subject to agreement of the Committee, by a payment of a sum equal to fifteen times the yearly subscription, (ten times the yearly subscription for those aged 65 years or over).  Life Members shall retain in all respects the status of annually subscribing Private Members.
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