Section 13 - Postponements
When permissible.
If a start date has been positively declared for a Notice, then it has Active status, and the RRA will take action in anticipation of the attempt taking place.   If no start date is known, then the Notice has Postponed status.        
If a start is not made, or an attempt terminates within one tenth of the time of the existing record or standard or within half-an-hour of the start, then the attempt may be postponed, provided that such postponement is notified to the Records Secretary by telephone at the earliest opportunity.
If the new date is not notified at the time of the postponement, the rider shall be at liberty to start on any later day in the same year provided that two clear days notice be given to the Records Secretary.
Once the Records Secretary has received notification of an attempt on a record or of a new date the rider cannot use that date for an attempt on any other record except by giving two clear days notice in the case of a record for which notice has already been given, or seven clear days notice in any other case.

No Change except in date.
13.02. A postponed attempt shall conform with the original notice in all respects except the alteration of date, and any unavoidable change of route.

Extent of free postponements.
13.03. Postponements may be made without any additional Notice Fees, provided all extra expenses incurred by the Record Secretary are paid for by the rider or his agent.

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