Section 12 - Starting An Attempt
Punctuality and unforeseen delay.
12.01. The start shall be made at the time appointed, but the Committee may in their discretion accept as sufficient such explanation of unforeseen delay as may appear to them reasonable, provided that in no circumstances shall a start be allowed more than half-an-hour after the appointed time.  In the event of a start being delayed, or a fresh start being made by virtue of the provisions of Rule 12.04, any attempt by any other rider starting from the same place and proceeding in the same direction, shall only start after the interval prescribed in Rule 8.02.
Note:  The Timekeeper should inform the Record Secretary of the time of start and also the time of finish by email or phone, with due respect for the time of day if by phone.

Starting Time of Intermediate Records.
12.02. In a multiple record attempt, the start of a second or subsequent record shall be in accordance with Rules 12.01 and 13.01 except that where a rider has ridden his machine the whole distance to the point concerned the start may be at any time within that scheduled for the ride.

Standing Start.
12.03. Every record attempt shall start with the rider(s) stationary. 
The rider(s) can be held but not pushed.

Restart after failure.
12.04 If a start is made and the attempt terminates sufficiently soon to enable the rider to make a fresh start, he may do so within half-an-hour of the time appointed for the original start.

Notification of Abandonment.
12.05. When a start is not made, or a ride is abandoned after a start is made, notice must immediately be sent to the Records Secretary by telephone, giving due respect to the time of day or night.
In the event of a breach of this Rule, the rider shall, on the next occasion he gives notice of an attempt on any record, pay a double fee, unless the Committee shall otherwise determine.

     Note: Whilst an email notice of abandonment at any time is acceptable, a phone call must still be made during reasonable hours.

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