Section 11 - Timing & Measuring
Use of Timekeepers.
(a)  Wherever possible, timing at the start and finish of all record attempts should be made by an Official Timekeeper, appointed in accordance with Rule 5.01.

(b)  In cases where this is not possible, the Committee may accept timings made by a Full Timekeeper approved by Cycling Time Trials (CTT), and conversant with type A (open) events, British Cycling (BC) or the Scottish Cycling Union (SCU).  The Secretary must have approved any such arrangement before the attempt takes place. Such Timekeepers must use two electronic timing devices which meet the requirements of Rule 9.02, and must follow the procedures set out in Rule 11.02.  Such Timekeepers may not act as Official Observers unless they have been appointed in accordance with Rule 5.02.

(c)  Additionally, it shall also be acceptable for an Official Timekeeper, a timekeeper as described in Rule 11.01 (b), or an Official Observer  to start an attempt by direct use of any one of the timing references listed in Rule11.02.   In these situations, a reserve timepiece need not be carried. A report should be made, indicating which timing reference was used, and the precise time the attempt started.

(d)  It is not necessary for the same person to time both start and finish of an attempt.

(e)  All timings shall be recorded to a fraction of a second.

Methods of Timing.
11.02. When officiating, Official Timekeepers shall check both of the timing instruments required by Rule 9.02 against one of the references defined below as nearly as practicable before and after officiating.  Any variations, or the fact that there was no variation shall be recorded and reported to the Committee.  Both electronic timing devices shall be in continuous operation between these time checks, exact timing of the rides being made by means of the split facility.
Either the Atomic Clock at Anthorn, Cumbria, the DCF transmitter at Mainflinger or https// No other time reference may be used.

The timer shall show seconds or parts thereof, with a display not less than 4mm high, it shall have a battery life in full display of at least 12 months, and it shall have an indication showing the reception  status of the radio signal.

The reference only to be used if the indication is positive.

11.03. The measurement of all fixed distance and fixed time record courses shall be made by approved RRA, CTT or SCU course measurers, using the method of measuring stipulated in the recommendations on course-measuring issued from time to time by the RRA Committee.
All measurements shall be precise, but:
(i)  due allowances shall be made for measuring errors for all fixed distance record courses in accordance with the provisions of the recommendations, and:
(ii)  no allowances shall be made by the measurers when measuring 12 and 24 hour record courses.  The Committee will decide the record distance in accordance with the provisions of the recommendations and Rule 11.04.
Record Figures.
11.04. The Committee shall have full power to decide the exact time or distance of any record.  After due allowances have been made for any variation in rate of electronic timing devices used, the record figures shall be reckoned to the next whole second for all records except the one thousand miles, which shall be reckoned to the next whole minute, the 12 and 24 hours shall be reckoned to the next 0.1 mile below the distance proved.
Fractions of a minute and a mile.
11.05. In the case of any record which at the date of the adoption or amendment of Rule 11.04 has been timed on the basis of any fraction of a minute being counted as a whole minute, such record shall not be considered to have been broken until a time has been recorded that improves upon the existing record by at least one minute. 
In the case of any 12 or 24 hour record which at the date of any amendment to Rule 11.04 has been reckoned to the next ⅛ or ¼ mile, as appropriate, below the distance proved, such record shall not be considered to have been broken until a distance of at least ⅛ or ¼ mile, as appropriate, has been added to the existing record distance.
Once a new time or distance has been established for any of the above records, the time or distance of further attempts (claims) on that record shall be in accordance with the provisions of Rule 11.04

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