Section 10 - Conditions
Unpaced Condition.

10.01. Only unpaced records shall be recognised.

10.01a E-Bikes.
Any form of electro/mechanical aid to the propulsion of the machine is strictly forbidden. 
The RRA Officials reserve the right to inspect any machine prior, during or after an attempt if they suspect there is any such aid.

Definition of unpaced riding.
10.02a. A rider attempting a record shall ride entirely alone and unassisted.  He must not ride in company with, nor take shelter from any other rider nor from any vehicle.  He shall not be preceded within sight, accompanied or followed or passed (except as permitted by Rules 10.04 and 10.05) nor must he accept food or drink or any other article, except from persons on foot.  A helper in, or on a moving vehicle must not give the rider(s) generally audible instructions, information, assistance or encouragement.
Excessive use of either radio or mobile phone contact between the rider/s and any following vehicle will not be tolerated. The use of radio or phone contact should be restricted to emergency purposes only, and not for giving encouragement, or for general dialogue.

10.2b     In certain situations, RRA Officials may, after discussion, declare that a record attempt is terminated. These situations include the following behaviour by a rider or any of their support team:
(i)  abuse of radio/phone contact, 
(ii) lack of respect to any RRA Officials or the RRA.
The RRA may also refuse to allow further record attempts by the rider.
Official Observers will record and report any other such matters that they consider excessive or inappropriate, and this could also cause rejection of a claim to record

Procedure when Dismounted.
10.03. In any attempt on record the rider or riders when dismounted shall wheel or carry his or their machine without assistance whilst covering any forward portion of the route.

10.04. Record aspirants may arrange to be followed by one or more vehicles, each carrying an Official Observer in order to provide evidence for the proof of the validity of a claim to a record, in accordance with the provisions of Rule 10.08. Such vehicles shall prominently display on the front nearside windscreen the RRA symbol which shall have a minimum height of 80mm.  A sign shall be displayed, clearly visible from behind such vehicles, which may be either the warning signs issued by the Association or one with black letters of a minimum height of 80mm on a yellow or red fluorescent background including the words “WARNING CYCLIST AHEAD”, its construction and positioning to be approved by the Official Observer(s) for the attempt.  Vehicles shall not follow the record aspirants at a distance of less than 50 yards, unless forced to do so by traffic conditions.
For any part of a route used for a record attempt, if the officially designated path for cyclists cannot be used by following motor vehicles, the record aspirants may be followed by one or more cyclists, who must remain at a distance of not less than 50 yards, unless the aspirants are stationary or dismounted.  Only when such cyclist followers are dismounted may they provide food, drink, assistance or encouragement to the aspirants.  Cyclists who follow in these circumstances shall make a report of their actions and observations.
Please note: It is the riders’ responsibility to ask the Record Secretary for any RRA signs, unless they wish to make their own.

10.05. Vehicles displaying RRA identification and carrying an Official Observer may, with the permission of the Observer pass the rider/s for the purpose of giving refreshment, medical or mechanical assistance, indication of the route, or on the grounds of road safety.  All such passings, and the associated actions shall be reported to the Committee by the Official Observer(s), whether the attempt is successful or not.
10.06. Record aspirants may be passed by an Official Timekeeper for the purpose of timing the finish of a record or the start of an intermediate record.
10.07. Record aspirants may also be passed by an Official Checker solely for the purpose of providing an official check.   Checkers must detail all such passings in their report to the Secretary.

Onus of proof.
10.08. The entire onus of providing sufficient evidence of the validity of a claim to record shall rest with the rider/s making the claim.  Such evidence may be provided by the record aspirant/s being followed by an Official Observer in accordance with the provisions of Rule 10.04 and/or the record aspirant/s being observed by checkers at frequent intervals.  Evidence must be provided that the start, finish and all turning points were witnessed by at least two credible witnesses.  The committee may procure and use any evidence bearing on the record claimed, reserving the right to reject evidence tendered by or obtained from interested sources.

10.09. In deciding upon the value of any other evidence the Committee will consider the reputation and status of the witness, and when such evidence is obtained by a rider from a stranger, it shall be in the form of a written statement by the witness that he saw the rider, at the time and place of observation, and that the rider was using a stated type of cycle, and was riding entirely alone.
Safeguarding the sport.
10.10. The Committee may, in their discretion, reject any claim when they consider that the interests of the sport would in any respect be injured.  The use by a rider of any substance or method on the WADA Prohibited List, or the refusal of a rider to submit to a test shall constitute grounds for rejection of a record. 

The record aspirant or their agent shall be solely responsible for dealing with any accident or incident that may occur during, before or after an attempt in an appropriate manner.
Riding costume.
Every rider attempting a record must wear ordinary road riding costume.

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