Advice for Record Attempts
This Code of Practice is designed to assist Record Breakers with preparing a Schedule and the Disclaimer Form. All the Rules ( 6.01 to 14) covering Record Attempts are on the website, and are listed below. Please read through all these Rules carefully. You are strongly advised to send all relevant paperwork at the same time, along with the Attempt Fee and Disclaimer Form.
Please ensure that your entire chosen route is as safe as possible for the rider/s, all Observers, Timekeepers, your following team and all other road users.

For riders attempting Land’s End to John o’Groats, please be aware that the ‘short cut’ from Okehampton to Wellington is considered very dangerous and undesirable. The distance saved is far out-weighed by using the faster A30 to Exeter.
Should the attempt be so far behind on schedule that there is NO chance of the record being broken, then the Timekeeper should confer first, with the Observers, then with the rider/s and organiser about leaving the attempt even if the rider/s wish to continue. The Timekeeper, can, if they so wish continue with the rider/s so as to give a time. If this happens then the Timekeeper shall be acting solely for the rider/s, not the RRA. In all cases the Record Secretary should be notified at any reasonable time.

Mobile phone/radio use by the rider/s.
If any Observer or Timekeeper on the attempt witnesses the constant/continuous use/abuse of this privilege they should first insist that it stops. If this request is ignored and still continues then all Observers and Timekeepers on the attempt should confer and then have the right to leave the attempt if they so wish.


Important: Please note that if the continued use of either a mobile phone or any other system of communication is continued even after the Observers or Timekeepers have asked that it be stopped the attempt will be at risk and RRA Officials may leave the attempt. RULE 10.02
There is also the possibility that continued use of a mobile phone/radio whilst still cycling could be seen as illegal. Dangerous or Careless Cycling can carry a fine of up to £1000 in each case.

Contact with the Attempt.
It is suggested that a spare phone and contact number is also available should the following car with the initial contact number develop problems. In this case the Record Secretary should be notified of the change of number.

You are required to engage the services of all Observers and Timekeepers needed by using the address list provided in the RRA handbook. (or in accordance with Rule 11.01b) Please note that if any relevant information is missing your Schedule may be returned. You must have an Observer in each and every following car, or vehicle associated with the attempt. It is the sole responsibility of the rider/organiser to ensure that enough Timekeepers and Observers are available to cover the entire attempt, allowing them to have sufficient rest. If you wish you can
e-mail your Schedule and it will be checked, please note that this does not include the route or times.

Please note that some Timekeepers may also act as an Observer. In this case only ONE RRA Official in each vehicle is required.

PLEASE NOTE: You should be prepared to pay ALL out of pocket expenses of any Timekeeper/s and Observer/s.

PLEASE NOTE: All RRA Forms needed are available from the Gen/Rec Secretary, by post or e-mail. The RRA warning signs, are available free of charge from Brian Edrupt 136 Beaconsfield Road, ENFIELD, EN3 6AY.

Please try to return these signs when you have finished with them.

Useful tips for your Record Attempt.

1. Do thoroughly read all the RRA Rules relating to Record Attempts, Rules 4, 6-14. Also make sure all your helpers understand the Rules.

2. Prepare your Schedule well in advance, thoroughly check the route, and submit the Schedule well in advance. This will allow adequate notice to be sent out to everyone involved. Please note that it would be helpful if, when compiling the schedule, easily found location points were listed i.e. major towns, cities, road junctions etc. This would help the Checkers and the Record Secretary in determining any distances between points.  These would also be good location markers if GPS tracking is used, which could then be followed on the internet.

3. It is permissible for there to be Radio or Mobile Phone communications between the aspirant and those in the following car, typically for matters involving navigation, mechanical support, or other needs of the riders.  It is also permissible to use GPS navigation aids.

4. It is advisable to have a mobile phone contact in the following car AT ALL TIMES. In the event of that car no longer following the attempt, however short a time, then that phone should be transferred to the new following car. If this is not possible then a spare phone and second number should be given to the record secretary.           

5.  Please note that the Record Secretary would appreciate advance notification of any Notice of Attempt being prepared, as this allows the appropriate mailing lists to be produced. The Records Secretary can often supply specimen schedules etc upon request.

In particular for the longer Record Attempts (eg End to End and 1000 miles), the Record Secretary would appreciate Organisers supplying the Notice of Attempt at least 14 days before the ride is expected to take place. Notices giving the minimum of 7 days often result in a lot of pressure on the Records Secretary, which should be avoided if possible.

A Notice and Schedule will only be accepted if everything is correct and the Disclaimer Form and correct fee has been paid. Please do use the RRA Schedule Form for your schedule. This has been laid out in a standard format.

Please notify the Record Secretary as soon as possible of all RRA Officials on the Attempt. (Timekeepers & Observers)  Please DO NOT send RRA Officials your Schedule. The Record Secretary will do this along with all other papers required.

6. Ideal vehicles to use on a record attempt are:- estate car, people carrier, or a medium sized van, ie Transit or VW etc with, if possible 3 front seats and possible side entry. You are required to make provision for the Timekeeper/Observer to have a front seat at all times in each vehicle used. Generally, most motor-homes are too wide and long to use as a following vehicle and would only add to the traffic problems. A motor-home would probably be best used to provide pre-arranged food, comfort, warmth and storage for riders, helpers & Officials alike and even somewhere to sleep. It could also be used as a ‘pioneer-car’ at the same time, putting direction arrows out and signs at junctions.
Too many following vehicles may cause problems to other traffic; invite police intervention; bring disrepute to the RRA and even jeopardise your attempt. For record attempts up to 24 hours one vehicle as described will probably suffice. For the End to End and 1000 miles two or three vehicles will probably be required.

A flashing orange beacon should be fitted to the roof of the following vehicle immediately behind the rider/s.

7. Have somewhere the rider/s can rest and sleep if required.

8. Give due thought to the comfort and well being of Timekeepers and Observers. Ensure they can have adequate rest/sleep if needed. This may well mean a second Timekeeper or Observer. When and if any Timekeeper or Observer leaves the attempt then the rider/s or organizer should ensure that sufficient transport is available to get them either home or to a convenient rail station.

9.  If the time of start is between 00.00 hrs and 06.00 hrs then it is the sole responsibility of the rider/s or organiser to ensure all necessary transport and hotel requirements for Timekeepers and Observers are met. If time of start is outside these times, then travel and hotel accommodation should still be arranged. All travel and sustenance costs for Timekeepers and Observers should be met by the rider/s or organiser.

10. Acquire Timekeeper/s and Observer/s well in advance. Do not leave this job until the last moment. The RRA will not accept any responsibility for the non-availability or lack of either Timekeepers or Observers on a record attempt.

11. Thoroughly check the bike/tandem etc a few days before the attempt. Try to cater for all situations, spare wheels/tyres, cranks/chain/freewheel, brake and gear cables. Have adequate spare clothing. If possible take a replacement bike/trike/tandem/tandem trike. In the case of tandems/tandem trikes try to have a machine that is adaptable in size for either rider to steer or stoke. This would allow the rider on the front to have a short rest from steering and route finding. This is especially important on records such as the End to End.

Please see Rules sections of  this web site, link below, or current Handbook available from the General Secretary.

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